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The second anniversary of the Elyonim veTachtonim

...and I really wish I could celebrate this moment with the publication of the version 005, but this has to be postponed again. Meanwhile, however I would like to give a sneak peak of the few updates I am currently working on.
  • I am rearranging the tagging system. The new one will be more accurate, more logical and more coherent. Besides it may include a new category of personage: the recurring human figures featured in the narratives about the supernatural entities.
  • I am trying to catch up with the (more or less) recent publications in angelology, demonology, Talmud studies, cognitive science of religion, etc. This will hopefully result in a better theoretical grounding of the database.
  • Version 005 will still cover only the Babylonian Talmud. This is because I want to have the theoretical and methodological details down before moving on to other textual corpuses.

The new estimated date of the publication of the version 005 is summer 2019 - fingers crossed!