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Widok zawartości stron Widok zawartości stron


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Widok zawartości stron Widok zawartości stron

The second first (or the actual first?) thesis inspired by the EvT project

While preparing additional materials for my online seminar on the supernatural entities I went through the folder with the theses I have had the pleasure to supervize throughout the last several years. A couple of days ago I wrote about (what I believed was) the first one inspired by the EvT project and scrutinizing the textual reality of the Dungeons & Dragons system but it was only yesterday I realized that one of my very first MA theses was in fact more EvT'ish that I would have initially thought.

In 2017 Anna Korzonek has joined my MA seminar with the intention to analyze the Sex in the City TV series in order to find out what kind of masculinity is portrayed as desirable. During our early consultations, which happened to take place in the period I was particularly occupied with developing the Belfegor version of the database, I suggested to her to approach her research problem from the quantitative perspective. Soon afterwards Anna acquired the DVD edition of the series, created a spreadsheet and started data mining. What at first seemed as a kind of intellectual exercise (using the EvT methods to study guys? come on...) proved to be very insightful and in result of her inquiries Anna was able to show exactly what kind of men women value the most - at least in the TV series. I was all the more delighted as it showed that the EvT method can be applied in a totally different cultural milieu.

I proudly add another entry (with the Author's kind permission) to the theses section. Belated yet sincere congratulations!