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Version 003 Gabriel

…is finally online! Although this version is only slightly larger than its predecessor (585 units versus 560 units in version 002 “Belfegor”), it features several important changes.
  • All the units of the previous version have been revised and their descriptions reconsidered.
  • The class of angels has been significantly expanded, numerous new names (both general and personal) have been recognized and included in the database. 
  • For the time being the class of angels of the BT can be considered more or less complete. 
  • Several new and less popular demons have been added (inter alia arognavtis).
  • New topics have been introduced, both first-tier and second-tier, inter alia physiology and help. Some of the topics gained new sub-topics, e.g. description and proficiency.
  • Comas were removed.
  • As with previous versions the criteria provided in the “summaries” sheets are just for exemplification purposes. New functionality allows you to substitute the criteria online. For instance, navigate to “summary entities” sheet and exchange *malakh* with *satan* and you will get all the numbers for the latter. You can do this with what you wish: different topics, entities, classes and the like. To start anew, simply reload the page. The changes you make to the database are not saved – if you wish to tinker with the data, download the file instead.
  • As of version 003 genre-specific topics have been introduced.

I am currently working on the monsters class in the BT and hope to include it in the forthcoming version 004 (code-name still to be revealed). The estimated (though optimistic) date of the publication of the next version is summer 2018. Meanwhile navigate to the database and enjoy!