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Hebrew Bible, database version 004: Deber

In case Excel application is not loading, you can download the current version of the database from here.


For the explanation of the particular criteria see the appropriate tabs in the main menu.

The database supports the search function. Just click anywhere on the sheet and press CTRL+F to call up the search menu.

The changes you make to the database are not saved – if you wish to tinker with the data download the file instead.

The listed criteria, i.e. genre, topic, class, etc. are supposed to work analogically to hashtags. Although this function is not supported natively by the .xlsx format or its equivalents, there is a workaround which utilizes the filtering command. Thus, in order to isolate the units belonging to a particular genre, marked by a particular topic, containing a particular entity, etc. do the following:

  • click on the filter button in the respective row, 
  • select "text filters",
  • choose "contains",
  • input the desired tag with asterisks (e.g. *satan*) and click OK.
You can choose several filtering criteria in separate rows. In order to clear the filtering from the given row do the following:
  • click on the filter button (it displays a little triangle when active),
  • click "Clean filters from..."
For more advanced editing you may want to download the inventory and run it offline.

Quotation and attribution

If you wish to refer to the EvT system or to use the dataset please consult this page.


Below are the previous versions of the database. Please note that the tag ontology may differ to the one used in the current version.


  • Wojciech Kosior: 001, 002, 003, 004.
  • Julia Miążek: 003 (#leviatan, #mayim4, #nachash4, #rahab, #tanin, #tehom, #yam4).