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Entity is hereby understood as a literary, supernatural and anthropomorphic agent.

Since the names of particular entities function as hashtags in the database, their spelling was formalized, thus "malakhmavet" instead of "malakh mavet", "barshirikapanda" instead of "Bar Shirika Panda", etc. If the variants of the particular appellation have been encountered, the database acknowledges only the most popular one (e.g. from among: malakh mavetmalakha demavtamalakh mavta, only the first one is used). Occassionally a digit is added to the name so as to differentiate between an entity belonging to different classes, e.g. #ruach1 belongs to the angels, while #ruach3 belongs to the ghosts.

There is a number of disputable cases, e.g. Azazel, Belial, yetzer hara, shamir, but these are included in the database.

All the entities are divided into four classes:

  • angels [#ang];
  • demons [#dem];
  • ghosts [#gho];
  • monsters [#mon].

These classes cannot be inferred directly from the source texts and as such were introduced as external categories.

The following spreadsheet contains a detailed list of all the entities recognized in the current versions of the databases. You can use the filtering option to extract the entities of a given class present in a given corpus (hb - Hebrew Bible, bt - Babylonian Talmud). More advanced operations require downloading the file.